Friday, February 10, 2006

apologize or else

bogus moral equivalences
so according to some folks retaliating for cartoons of the prophet by publishing cartoons of the holocaust is just the same. No it isn't. The former is insulting to Islam if you believe in Islam. The latter is insulting to anyone killed ina a genocide, including Rwanda, Eritrea, Armenia, etc etc - many people were kiled by the Nazis were not jewish - there were a lot of russians killed, many Romany, a lot of gays etc etc. Plus this was a deliberate national policy.
No, sorry, making fun of a religion is not the same as making fun of the victims of genocide. However, in this country (the UK) it is not currently illegal to deny the holocaust (although some letter writers in the papers seem to think it is) - because we believe in freedom of speech, including the freedom to talk rubbish (e.g. sput on about some religion or other).

Frankly, the amount of rubbish talked about this on all sides just goes to prove that the main risk of freedom of speech is spam.

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