Wednesday, April 19, 2006

apologize or else

apologize or else

I wonder if it is Philip Gould who wrote some rather inaccurate
statements about my fellow academics on
Naughty Academics for daring to suggest the NFS National Program for IT might need to haev some transparency about its plans and progress, just like ANY well run project ought to

It has the same aggresive assertive style one associated with said person - see a response by a frend of mine,m which I thoroughly endorse - I don't know any academics in ivory towers any more, least of all in hothouises of technocracy such as Cambridge from where Ross ANderson hives, where most Computer Scientists have worked with industry and have to produce results to get funded, and have done more useful things for the world in their lunchbreak than any Government Department in a decade.


lakesidebench said...

Researchers fine, but lecturer's no, I think that the comments were aimed at lecurer's, i know who wrote the comments and I agree with him/her.

On another note the letter was probaby not sent by researchers because they are too busy getting on with the work that they are paid to do by IBM, Microsoft, Sun etc...

jon said...

lecturers i know in imperial, ucl, qmw, aberdeen, oxford, york, sussex, warwick, bristol, edinburgh, st andrews, TCD, UCD, cambridge, belfast, coleraine, aberystwyth, liverpool, durham, newcastle, and a few other places
write code that is in products.
they have to to
i) test their ideas
ii) get their salary to the point they can have a vacation
iii) get industry support letters and funding or donations in kind, for their research proposals to fund the "researchers" (EPSRC now need about 50% of funding for research to come from industry)
lakesidebench, enjoy the view....