Wednesday, April 29, 2009

talk radio for the deaf - reminder

this is a reminder to people who read this (i know there's two of you, including me)

this is not my cambridge blog - thats the clog one;
this is not my net blog - thats the true history one;
and none of the three are to do with the university work i do.

this is my rant blog - if you take stuff here seriously, more fool you -
(as geo. bush junior so wisely said "fool me once...")

oh, and people accusing me of being a commie, pinko, liberal, socialist, leftie, etc:
you have no idea how completely and utterly wrong you are, you capitalist lacky, you:)


ssk2 said...

Nevertheless, your battle of comments with 'WellingtonBoot' was incredibly amusing.

clog said...

thats what its all for in the end:- entertainment (cue paul weller etc etc)

now back to the serious work:
Combat Libertarianism with apologies to Marx (grouch, not karl)