Sunday, February 21, 2016

Yes, they have no Exit Strategy, those brexit people.

i think a tactic for us that like being in the EU is to try is to write the brexit script - 

What are the exit strategies? oh, and some data

  1. law in uk affected by EU legislation
  2. impact of immigration on UK (net positive, a lot) and also note that there are about 5M UK citizens living abroad, roughly 2M of whom are brits in the EU, who will have to apply for visas, work permits, pay for healthcare, etc etc - add that to the mix, please.
  3. UK science cost of leaving UK
Current stats not at all clear:-
What's clear is that if the leave vote wins, there will be massive massive fractures in the UK (scotland, wales, london will beg to differ big time). Also begs the question why the outgoing tory mayor and the tory candidate are brexit campaigners when their (prospective) constituency isn't. How does that work, pray?

Now, what were those things the brexit folks have to have answers for:-

  • Where do we get our young employees for all those jobs the immigrants are doing? 
  • Where do we get our collective defence. 
  • How do we negotiate to not be outside the trade zone? what are the quid pro quos?
  • What do we do about healthcare costs for 300,000 retirees in spain, and more across all of Europe? 
  • What is it like to buy a holiday home in the EU if you aren't in it? 
  • What do our passports look like? Who's paying for that? 
  • What do we do without the 3B subsidy to NI&scotland? 
  • What do we do without the 1B science money the UK gets from EU? 
  • Do all EU citizens who want to go to a UK University now become full overseas fees? How does that work?
  • What do we do with border controls diferentiy than now (given we're not Schengen anyhow) ?
  • What do all organisations do about understanding the new legal/regulatory framework(s) they have to now add once the UK isn't in the EU so is subject to both if it is to do business? 
  • What happens to working time directive? do we now all get junior doctor contracts?
  • What happens to the channel tunnel? 
  • What happens with other joint industries - e.g. AIrbus?
  • Will Heathrow airport be a hub if it isn't in the EU? 
  • Ditto Eurostar/St Pancras - how does that play with HS2
  • Will the City be a financial center of the world if it isn't inside the EU? 
  • What happens to EU nationals married to UK citizens when we leave the EU- do they have to get visas? 
  • Are we kicked out of the Eurovision song contest ? (Oh, no, wait that would be a good thing now we don't have Wogan anymore:-)

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