Monday, November 15, 2004

the irrelevance of the US presedential election

cannot be overestimated
america has very little significant trade with europe, and with the demise of the USSR, there are no current significant military threats to the free world - the credibility of the terrorist threat can be udnermined by the simple statisitc - more people die per year on the road in each of the UK, France, Germany, Italy - indeed, more in California, than in 9/11 - it just is not important - by giving it attention, we glorify the attention seeking ego-maniacs that perpetrate random violence - instrad we should get on with things that truly lead to global stability and peace - trade, education, travel, etc - and places that will actually matter in the near future to thse - India, China, etc, not the confused colony/empire thinking of the 19th century, that the USA has failed to escape....gosh, is that the time? must go....

The USA, just like the Middle East, isnt 10% as important as it thinks it is.