Thursday, September 22, 2022

i don't think they understand the gravity of the situation...

 scientists are searching for dark data and dark communications because otherwise, in their current thinking, the internet does not make sense - they'd like to think it is expanding at a certain rate of acceleration because of the big bang, but the observed rate and early phases of the internet do not add up - there must be missing masses of information, and communication that were unaccounted for.

but in the entropic theory, all we need to propose is more or less randomness in the extrema of the distribution. and this is observed empirically often - as Professor Pratchett noted here - this is also known in folk theories - some people are inordinately lucky, while others seem to encounter Murphy's Law far more often than you would reasonably expect. This it seems the internet is slightly more organised, where it is structured, than expected, and slightly more random, where it is truly random, than you might think.

This very weak effect has an influence over time and space as the Internet grows, and gradually, this comes to dominate over the stronger, but shorter range forces of data cohesion.

Thus, we can replace the search for the dark interweb with a simple theory of luck.

This may also apply to cosmology, although I suspect respectable physicists will shy away from the idea, because it might undermine their funding chances.

Saturday, September 03, 2022

Tavernas/restaurants of Paleochora, aug/sep 2022

my criteria are (roughly evenly applied):

a) food b) location c) price d) service


1. The Little Angel - quiet corner - food (a very special moussaka this time, with some interesting herbs in) - 

excellent prices - went again. had lamb kleftiko still very good!

2. Christos - great service, super reliable food, view, and very good value - great dorade, for example, also classics like lamb in oven with lemon potatoes, goat tsigoridis etc

3= El Greco - food italian (pizza, pasta) all reliable -- upstairs area is great with amazing view - pricing good, 

3=.Olaya - new kid on the block - asian fusion - excellent starters (prawns & rolls etc), good service, mains a bit big (or in one case small) but good flavour - decent pricing, good service

3=  Third Eye - a matter of taste - deserts will probably suit all - I like it - had a very good sweet potato ragaile (fruit!), some don't - usually people could steer away from heavier vegan dishes (bean burger) will find plenty to like - service ace - interestingly, only has "posh" retsina instead of usual mass produced stuff - also nice house wine

3= Methexis - very busy, but we went a second time, and got a very classy meal for a surprisingly good price, so went right up in my estimation (95 euro for 7 people including starters and wine!)

4.  Marias - always great smiles, and solid, reliable, and super affordable - mostly greek taverna standards

5= Pantelis  - shame they reduced their menu, but still very nice quieter location, and decent food/price 

6 Oriental bay - reliable, affordable - now it is more open, less mosquitoes - decent too loud:-

7. Castro - some good ideas and good greek wine list - a bit pricey...views amazing - plus cocktail bar up stairs very decent

Note, these are ALL worth going to:-) most on google maps (you may want to learn to read greek),23.6810057,17z

pricing depending on if you have starters & main and wine, somewhere in 20-35 euro per person roughly

Things I still miss in Paleochora

1/ The Pelican

2/ the open air Sinema where we saw the Flintstones (starts with them driving to an open air cinema) and the Athens Olympics ceremonies!

3/ the Sea Urchins