Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Global "positioning" system... ... ...

Where 15 sailors and Marines were when they were seized by Iranian forces on 23 March appears to be the subject to a dispute. Given all sides are military organisations, and presumably have access to the most accurate positional system information, it aint exactly heartwarming to see them dispute the location accuracy +/1 more than 1 nautical mile - indeed, Longitude was determined more accurately than this by many sailors even before Harrison won the prize for measuring time accurately enough - but wait, these guys were all only a few miles off shore so ground based radar would have located them trivially too...what goes on here ? it aint plausible - and to think these folks all have (or soon will) nukes - if they can't get to the nearest meter, how they gonna deploy weapons in any kind of scary way, eh?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

two gedanek experiments on the middle east

so I have two not incompatible solutions for the problem of palestine/israel

1/ we give the palestinians the Internet,
in exchange for gaza and jerusalem

the internet wont get used up so its much more useful than oil and makes more money
and then we can stop arguing about governance, and on the internet, no-one appears to care what your land claims are and everyone has the right of return.

2/ we give the israelis the entire border between USA and mexico. they'd turn it into productive farmland, move a lot of Intel chip design and fab theer, and do a much better job of policing it (maybe even build a big wall along it, or perhaps just employ a lot of mexican chip designers)
and frankly, what else is the land good for - and they have no historical argument with the peoeple on either side.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

didja ever order something off the net and then discover...

...that it didn't work - for example, i got this book by richard dawkins on the God Delusion, and frankly it wasn;t about god at all - it was about people being deluded - i had the idea that it was one of those zen things about creation was a delusion of god, and in fact she was still sitting in her primeval cave ulling over some big pot full of magic herbs, and had fallen asleep and dreamed the whole think, woken up in the belief that that was the day of rest that was done, and here was a whole new world she'd just built from scratch -

no - its all about people fooling themselves 17 million different ways that there is no god.

by the way has he never stopped to think that 17 million wrongs don't make a right?

i mean just because all those the proofs that 1!=1 are wrong, doesn't prove that


otherwise I might have to write a book about
The Dawkins Delusion, where someone writes a book about god not existing in the belief that people who agree, care, and that people who disagree will notice, and not kill him.

of course, most the fictional books one buys are wrong - for example, they have endings (there are worthy exceptions, but few) - whoever heard of an ending?

then they lived happily ever after they didn't - they might have been happy, but not if there wasn't anything ineteresting happening before they die, and if there was, why didnt the author write about it eh? I want my money back - either its wrong, or its a lie or both, or maybe neither - can't remember....

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

shoplifting for fun and profit

I want to encourage people to shoplift in ways that are good - for exampe,
dress up as a server at Mcdonalds and go in with a friend, go behind the counter, serve them, take their money, and leave. that way you get lunch. for poor people this would be much better than stealing sweets. It would also deprive someone else of the Big Mac, which is probably good for them, and would keep people from thinking of actually taking a job at McDOnalds too....

no, really...

oh, ok, i dont want to encourage peple to break the law - no not really. but think about it - peer-to-peer burgher sharing networks - so much better htan music piracy!

Monday, March 12, 2007

bronte, what were u thinkin, gurrl?

the tenant of wildfell hall by anne b, so whats that about then eh? what a reacionary load of twadle dressed up as proto-feminism!!! i mean really. I cannot believe the smug senitmental, annoying Mrs Huntingdon - frankly, made me wanna throw up both my hands,
make me wanna ...rockets, moonshots, spend-it-all, have-nots - natural, fact is, man's gotta pay his, taxes etc etc

no, the eyre affair is an entirely more satisfactory snare - and to think i used to know bronte (a branwell descendent in la belle france, by way of sloan square) - what is the world comming to - currying favour with bells on!

back to the myth of the black book, and the mystical significance of the number 23 for me, before i get lost in all that uber chick lit again!!! rehab is just a state of mind!

a short history of dangerous ideas

last nite i saw the lite - there was part i of a fine program about (superficially) modern politics - the programme was in fact much more fundamental going back to the ideas that are roots for conservatism, reactionary concepts and revolution - essentially, the "left" and "right" in their crudest defintions differ mainly in the belief that people are fundamentally cooperative, or fundamentally selfish. This goes back thousands of years - patriarchy, religion, state intervention, all stand as proposals based in the idea that, when left to themselves, cooperation will not work to organmise a society of individuals. The programme is clever as it identifies the most dangerous idea of all that: given rational selfish behaviour, an ideal society will emerge. This is bullshit of the smelliest sort for a HUGE number of reasons - not the least, the Nash model (and others) of optimisation requires (i) perfect information for a "market" (read, ecosystem) to optimise and requires ii) perfect rational selifhs behaviour - a spec of obfuscation./secrecy, (even just DeLAY in getting information) and a spec of irrational behaviour (c.f. stock market "panics") and it all goes pear shaped - apply this to personal relationships and see just how far you get - mass schizophrenia. as with other dangerous ideas, it is pusuasive as it has an elegant, powerful simplicity - like monothesism, nazism, and the divine right of kings. It is a ubher-meme that is hard to shake off. How do we (syndicalist anarchists of the world unite) combat this? with an anti-meme, or a better meme?

a major problem with uber memes (the dominant idea-gene of the pool) is that not only are they infectiously persuausive, they are hard to counter because they are meta-stable - they create a self fulfilling profit-base (sorry, prophesy) - as the programme rightly portraits, people adapt (they are neurolignusitcally programmed) to the newspeak and newthink - cooperation emerges from tribes/herds and predator/prey relationships, but a tribe can be crteated for whch cooperation does not emerge - how fragile and brittle is that, eh? eh~?

the problem with Blair and his gang , as with Thatcher before them, is that they are second class thinkers who are suckers for Big but Stupid ideas. And their are first class bastards out their with Big Stupid ideas to sell.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thursday, March 01, 2007

tragedy of the commons, comedy of the lords

the real tragedy of the commons is that its full of people who are so common, but not full of any common sense

the comedy of the lords is that they don't lord it over anyone, and there's
logical or involved either