Monday, March 12, 2007

bronte, what were u thinkin, gurrl?

the tenant of wildfell hall by anne b, so whats that about then eh? what a reacionary load of twadle dressed up as proto-feminism!!! i mean really. I cannot believe the smug senitmental, annoying Mrs Huntingdon - frankly, made me wanna throw up both my hands,
make me wanna ...rockets, moonshots, spend-it-all, have-nots - natural, fact is, man's gotta pay his, taxes etc etc

no, the eyre affair is an entirely more satisfactory snare - and to think i used to know bronte (a branwell descendent in la belle france, by way of sloan square) - what is the world comming to - currying favour with bells on!

back to the myth of the black book, and the mystical significance of the number 23 for me, before i get lost in all that uber chick lit again!!! rehab is just a state of mind!

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