Wednesday, March 21, 2007

didja ever order something off the net and then discover...

...that it didn't work - for example, i got this book by richard dawkins on the God Delusion, and frankly it wasn;t about god at all - it was about people being deluded - i had the idea that it was one of those zen things about creation was a delusion of god, and in fact she was still sitting in her primeval cave ulling over some big pot full of magic herbs, and had fallen asleep and dreamed the whole think, woken up in the belief that that was the day of rest that was done, and here was a whole new world she'd just built from scratch -

no - its all about people fooling themselves 17 million different ways that there is no god.

by the way has he never stopped to think that 17 million wrongs don't make a right?

i mean just because all those the proofs that 1!=1 are wrong, doesn't prove that


otherwise I might have to write a book about
The Dawkins Delusion, where someone writes a book about god not existing in the belief that people who agree, care, and that people who disagree will notice, and not kill him.

of course, most the fictional books one buys are wrong - for example, they have endings (there are worthy exceptions, but few) - whoever heard of an ending?

then they lived happily ever after they didn't - they might have been happy, but not if there wasn't anything ineteresting happening before they die, and if there was, why didnt the author write about it eh? I want my money back - either its wrong, or its a lie or both, or maybe neither - can't remember....

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