Thursday, November 17, 2016

christmas special show pitch

while you're all here, maybe you could review my pitch for a christmas
special for a certain long running tv

The real reason the Millenium bridge[1] had to be closed shortly after it
was opened
was that it turned out that it was not just wobbly - it was wibbly[2] too.

Early signs something was a miss was when walking across the bridge
we found ourselves looking across at the earlier London bridges from
time to time, e.g. 50AD, 1209, 1831 etc, or even bridges over rivers on other systems --

We now know that there's a beautiful suspension bridge of sighs over the
chasm of oblivion on a gas giant circling Altair V, or, nearer to home,
the short crossing over the ornamental pond in the Palazzo Schifanoia in 1477.

The trouble really started when it seemed the bridge did not just go from the
Tate Modern to Saint Paul's Cathedral, but to many other worlds as well.
And if we could go there, they could come here. And some of them would
confuse art with religion, sometimes wilfully.

This had to be stopped and there was only one gallifreyan for the job...