Friday, February 03, 2006

fundamentalist satisists

apologize or else


The cartoonish sheepishly puts down is tool, and puts his hands in the air, and "assumes the position".

"What can I say? It's a fair cop - you caught me - satirising Islam. Yes I have WMD (Weapons of Muslim Defamation). You can try and me and cut off both my hands, and then my head in a public execution in the Champs Elysee, to be broadcast on Canal +"

What a load of bull. Islamists beware - there is a fundamentalist right to take the piss out of anything in countries with free speech, and WE WILL KILL anyone who tries to interfere with it. We wont mess with your oppressive regimes in your countries even though they oppress the women and poor, but if you mess with us, believe me, you will reap the whirlwind and we already have the nukes. How stupid can you get - if you push us too far, sure, we'll stop being liberal - but last time Europe did that, what did they become? Did the Nazis like Muslims? I think not. God, how completely moronic can you get playing with such fire. We don't care if you don't buy Danish bacon - hey, don't by danish newspapers either. Hey, dont go live here if you don't like it - you have that choice - but you don't have the choice to remove OUR choices.

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