Tuesday, October 10, 2006

apologize or else

1. An islamic policeman is let off from guarding the Israeli embassy in London in case his relatives in the middle east are threatened

MP jack straw doesn't want to let women wearing a veil over their face into his castle (sorry, i mean constituency meetings)

The british army want to give their soldiers a tax break/bonus
for fighting in Iraq

This is all very odd, since these people are all essentially evading the job they are PAID to do. obviously, the solutions are simple and is an example of the type of joined-up-thinking this government claims but fails so visibly to employ:
1. the british army should guard the israeli embassy, and the british islamic policemen should be required to fight in Iraq, but wearing a veil to avoid being recognized.
2. jack straw should be required to wear suspenders, high heals and a bra (and nothing else) when seeing men in his constituency
3. Tony blair should retire immediately and take over running afghanistan, as he is so good at sorting out people's disagrements.

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