Tuesday, January 02, 2007

apologize or else

Pit Stop Terror

so yet another kid dies because some stupid white trash macho man has to have a dog that is so dangerous it hosptialises an adult trying to stop it kill a 5 year old. Why do people want dogs like that? well if you ask me (and I know you didn't) its same reason redneck morons in the US want guns: its a bigger willy type thing. certainly people i know that have dogs because they _like_ them, pick dogs for company - dogs are pack animals and normally trate humans as the pack leader, even kids smaller than themselves - only some breeds designed (yes, genetically selected by breeders) have aberrant behaviour and are cosntantly o na hair trigger to try to become alpha male - not great comapny unless you want to keep excercising your ego in re-imposing will power over the beast - what kind of ego boost is it to someone to triumph over a small animal like a pit bull? obviosuly, its a sad expression of superiority which really represnts an inferiority to the rest of the human race, from which these folks should be evicted for a few years to learn their lesson.

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