Monday, December 04, 2017

peer-to-peer-straight-to-hell and no coming back

so what is it with peer-to-peer technology?

it seems like utopic, syndicalist anarchist, socialist techno-philia dream solution to the privacy invasive, attention grabbing, centralised, silicon valley launched interwebcloud of monopolies that we've had to put up with since the last 20 years.

but every p2p thing goes pear shaped in horrible ways  -
the internet becomes the non-neutral verizon-space-control freakery, we live in filter-bubbles and great firewalls of china and halal-land, and napster/freenet becomes itunes, community mesh wireless nets become facebook free basics,
and don't get me started on uber and airbnb, but what of bitcoin?

there's something fundamentally broken about these endeavours, and I can't figure it out....

forces of oppression? ownership of the means of production?



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Unknown said...

Yes, it does seem there is something going fundamentally wrong, and I don't know either. The difference beween us is, I thought you _would_ know.