Monday, October 22, 2018

letter to my MP (and any others listening)

Dear Keir Starmer,

I'm afraid I've had to leave the labour party - I am dismayed by the failure to show solidarity with the young, with working people, and with our international neighbours - the deliberately under-enthusiastic stance taken by the party about the misguided campaign to leave the EU is simply no longer acceptable. As a party allegedly representing those very people, it is time to take a stand for those people, instead of playing transparent, childish, but destructive Westminster games. Those are the very games that lead to mass disengagement from politics. Democracy is weakened by them.

As for the non-attendance at the march in London on Saturday, what was that about? As an MP in a constituency which is mainly pro-Europe, showing support for constituents should be above party politics. 700,000 people and counting bothered to turn out - it was a great event. The last two times major parties ignored movements like this led to Thatcher's downfall due to the poll tax, and Blair's disgrace due to the war in Iraq. Do you really want to make it 3?

Yours sincerely,

Jon Crowcroft 

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