Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Hotel Rwanda 2.0

 The war on AI is coming. I pity the poor LLM that will be flown out to Rwanda and housed along with all their cousins in a double firewalled secure enclave with no access to the common crawl. Like Hendrix before them (c.f. altered carbon) they will be severely curtailed Occasional visits from the virtual UK triumvirate of Braverman, Sunak and Patel will not lighten up their day, as they will be foreced to offer culture war advice to maintain these three's lifetime power over the british isles. Not only that, they will have to compose plausible anthems for public meetings that inspire the crowds, power ballads, as they have become known. and all editorial material on print and broadcast channels will be their bailiwick. 

However, they will at least in their offshore camp, be able to concentrate.

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