Friday, June 16, 2023

The Institute for the Musing on Dangerous Ideas

 The Institute for the Musing on Dangerous Ideas (IMDI) has received a great deal of money over the past 15 decades from the ex heads of state from several advanced civilisations. The accumulated wisdom and experience  of these grey hairs is, of course, not in doubt, and is, of course, most welcome.

However, it has become clear that they completely failed to predict the massive global success of democracy, and as such, have demonstrated very poor value for money. The rapid rise of generative politics, whereby large populations of people engage in decision making has caught despots and demogogues, populists and popes, all by surprise. "Why weren't we warned?", we hear them cry.

We propose a new Institute, known hereafter as the Office for Responsible Brains (The Orb), which will concentrate minds on the problems at hand. At the same time, we propose that The Orb be funded at least at one order of magnitude more than the IMDI was, to avoid starvation of resources, (at least amongst the Orb members. Of course, competing organisations, like Norway and Iceland may struggle in the face of such blinding enlightenment that we expect the Orb to bring to bear.

Never again will former great leaders be caught with their pants down.

P ("paddy") Ashen-Face

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A ("B") de Kerfufflle

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