Sunday, February 09, 2020

Robots and AI (no, not that sort of AI:-)

A colleague once joked about AI saying he was an expert as he'd been bought up on a cattle farm.
Reading Kate Devlin' Excellent book on Science, Sex and Robots, i think the joke is actually a missing piece from that study - there's no obvious reason why robots could not be proxies and surrogates, both for artificial insemination, and for carrying artificial wombs. There are plenty of people who might benefit from a less clinical, and a less emotionally fraught approach to these two important ways to help people have kids who have difficulties for whatever reasons.

The opposite case is already a thing - we make robots and robots make robots (the chip running the AI (artifical intelligence) isn't all designed or built by people any more - it's too complicated and fiddly for impatient, pesky people to be able any more). But robots helping make people seems like an obvious step along the path from passive sex toys, through shared intimacy.

Of course, there are a few ethical challenges to be discussed... ... ...

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